Enchanted Batik: Blending a Cultural Heritage into Daily Living

In conversation with Suh Min of Enchanted Batik

"I want to blend batik into our daily routines, incorporating this beautiful national heritage into more of our lives."

How did you start?

I was in the finance and securities industry for 14 years before I decided to leave in 2018 to focus more on my family.

In 2019, I came across modern batik designs that had unique geometrical patterns in bright pastel colors and thought it would be nice to make this batik into modern batik wear, that's when I started Enchanted Batik.

What is the vision behind Enchanted Batik?

I hope to blend the beautiful tradition of batik into everyone's daily life, whether in apparel or lifestyle.

 By introducing more pieces that use these traditional fabrics, more people can discover the beauty of batik and appreciate this cultural heritage.

It's no secret that entrepreneurship is hard. What keeps you going?

I first started the business to escape the typical 9-to-5, only to realize being an entrepreneur sometimes feels like you are working 24/7. (chuckles)

It's the passion that keeps me running, seeing happy, satisfied customers, really pushes me to work the extra hours.

What has been your biggest challenge?

I would say for me there are two aspects that are quite challenging.

The first is to find balance between family and the business. Enchanted Batik is a one-person team, so I do need to be mindful of how I am using my time.

The second would be resources/manpower. Experienced tailors are quite difficult to source nowadays and this limits my output, which is especially important during festive seasons.

What is one thing you are the proudest of in your journey as an entrepreneur?

I'm the proudest of taking the first step in starting Enchanted Batik.

It pushed me out of my comfort zone, and as an introvert, it was a big step in growth for me. It's definitely something that is completely new from anything that I have tried.

I am also very grateful for the opportunities to be featured in local media and to be able to display my products at a renowned bookstore.

What is your advice for new entrepreneurs?

You don't have to make sure everything is perfect before starting something new.

Most importantly is to take the first step, then improvise and perfect it along the way.

To shop their apparel, visit enchantedbatik.com


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